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Omatek Laboratories Pvt ltd

178, Sector “F” Sanwer Road, Industrial area
Indore MP, Pin code 452015(India) Tele/ fax: +91-731-4080190 Mob.:00919977389813

Email : info@omateklab.com
Web : www.omateklab.com
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Our Plans
Research & Development laboratory has been started from 7th September 2003, Since this period R&D projects are running well and achieved various milestones.

  • Developed various products in food & pharma, Chemicals and Herbal Products.
  • Set up of R&D lab, contract research, custom synthesis, extraction of natural products and purified reagent manufacturing
  • Pilot Manufacturing facilities, for purification of solvents / reagents, Scale up of R&D processes, job work & small scale manufacturing of Synthetic & natural products.
  • Successfully developed, manufacture & marketed some chemical reageants like Acetonitrile HPLC grade, Methanol HPLC Grade, Collodion flexible tech. grade
  • Taken an agency of reputed state of art intel PC based microscope and improved few feature like measurement scale for measurement of particle size and Polarization attachment for Crystallinity test & documentation as per USP.

Our Products Rang & Product Development:-
We have worked on the following product range, Planed to enter in to any product which will be more beneficial to the company.

  • Food & pharma Products. Cold drinks substitute, Invent Sugar, Antimony sodium Gluconate, Vitamin C Acid & sodium salt, Vit B2 Phosphate, Erythromycin Citrazine, Leocitrazine, Fluconazole, Glibenclamide (Glyburide) Ketokonazole, Lamivudine, Roxithromycin, Clarithromycin, PHPA (Atenolol) & MEP for (Metoprolol compounds & synthesis of some intermediates & specialty Chemicals.
  • Reagents & Specialty Chemicals. Collodion Solution, Collodion flexible, Purification of Solvents & Chemicals, Methanol & Acetonitrile HPLC Grade. Purification & sale of small packs of other lab chemicals like .
  • Herbal & Natural products. Extraction of crude Chemicals, oils, essential oils & herbal products from Herbs, roots, leaves and seeds, also cultivation of medicinal plants.
  • Research & Testing Lab. Facilities for contract research, custom synthesis. Specific job work of parties purification of their chemicals, shifting, grinding, packing etc. Analysis of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Pathological samples. (For their Microbiological, Chemical and Instrumental tests.) Consultancy and training to customer.
  • Deals in Instruments and applications pc microscope for documentation/ record & crystallinity test as per USP.

Our Targets for the Current Year :-
  • Achievement of one Ton Level Production, with a Turnover in Excess of Rs. 5.00 Million to achieve profitability in operations.
  • Development and Improvements of Processes minimum 12 Products.
  • Department of Science & Technology (DST) as approval R & D Lab.
  • ISO 9001,WHO GMP certification & Drug license
  • Purification of HPLC grade solvents up to market expectations.
  • Specific research and Production of minimum 2 products and set up of domestic & export market for our Chemicals and Natural products